Training Support

Every sales person needs to keep up with the times and learn new techniques and new ways to meet his customers’ needs. At Regal Business Solutions, this is our specialty, we are here to make sure that your sales do not take a dip because your sales team is using out dated tools. We offer comprehensive training for your sales forces, sales managers and finance managers.

– We will work with your sales team to improve prospecting, maximize their day to day and increase their output
   every month.

– We will help your sales managers improve their management skills and help them get more out of their team.

– We will help your finance managers increase the average profit per deal and improve the overall customer
   service index.

Regis and the rest of the training staff have each sat in their chairs at the dealership level and understand the hardships involved.

Our Visiting Trainer Of The Month (VTOTM) program will keep our students at all levels up to date with the current trends. We will have at least four different foreign trainers each year who will visit from the United States and train your team.