Silver Protection

Cylinder Block; Cylinder Head(s), Rotary Housing and all Internally Lubricated Parts Contained within the engine including: Pistons; Piston Rings; Connecting Rod Bearings; Crankshaft; Crankshaft Main Bearings; Camshaft; Camshaft Bearings; Camshaft Followers; Timing Chain or Belt; Timing Gears, Guides, Tensioners; Rocker Arms; Rocker Shafts; Seals; Valve Retainers; Valve Seats; Push Rods; Water Pump; Fuel Pump; Oil Pump and Oil Pump Housing; Harmonic Balancer; Oil Pan; Timing Chain Cover; Intake and Exhaust Manifolds; Valve Covers; Engine Mounts; Cam gear Bolt; Harmonic balancer Bolt; and head Bolts.

(factory installed only) Turbocharger/Supercharger Housing and All Internally Lubricated Parts.

(Automatic or Standard) Transmission Case and all Internally Lubricated Parts plus: Torque Converter; Flywheel/Flex Plate; Vacuum Modular; Electronic Shift Control Unit; Transmission Cooler; Transmission Mounts; Oil Pans; Slave/Clutch Master Cylinder;Pilot Beaing and Throw out Bearing.

Transfer Case
Transfer Care and All Internally Lubricated Parts.

Drive Axle
(Front and Rear) Drive Axle Case; All Internally Lubricated Parts contained within the Drive Axle; Locking Hubs; Drive shays; Center Support Bearings; Universal Joints; Constant Velocity Joints; Axle Bearings; Four-Wheel Drive Actuator; and Differential Cover.

Seals and Gaskets are included in the above stated Coverage only for vehicles with less than 80,000 miles at the time of sale, unless applicable surcharge is paid and marked on Your registration page.