Platinum Proctection

Front and Rear Suspension
Upper and Lower Control Arms; Control Arm Shafts and Bearing or Bushings; Upper and Lower Ball Joints; Radius Arm and Bushings; Torsion Bars, Mounts and Bushings; Stabilizer Bar, Links and Bushings; Struts; Strut Bearing Plates; Spindle and Spindle Support; Wheel Bearings; Pannard Bar; Track Bar; Suspension Bumpers; Leaf Springs; Leaf Spring Shackles and Hardware; Load Assist Shocks; Shocks; Load Assist Springs and Coil Springs Variable Dampening Suspension: Compressor; Control Module; Dampening Actuator; Solenoid; Struts; Height Sensor; and Mode Selector Switch.

Enhanced Elecatrical
Automatic Climate Control Programmer; Electric Instrument Cluster; Mileage Computer; Distributor; Ignition Coil; Electronic Combination Entry System (Does not include Transmitters and Receivers for Remote Locks); Cruise Control Module; Transducer Servo and Amplifier; Powertrain Control Module; Headlamp Motors; Power Window Motor; Power Seat Motor; Power Mirror Motor; Power Antenna Motor/Mast Assembly; Convertible Top Motor; Power sunroof Motor; Power Window Switch; Cruise Control Engagement Switch; Power Seat Switch, Power Mirror Motor Switch; Rear Defogger Switch; Power Door Lock Actuator and Switch.

Fuel Delivery
Fuel injection Pump and Injectors; Vacuum Pump; Fuel Tank; Fuel Tank Sending Unit; Metal Fuel Delivery Lines; Fuel Pressure Regulator; and Fuel Tank Switching Unit/Switch.—

Engine Cooling Fan and Motor; Fan Clutch; Belt Tensioner; Radiator; Heater Core; Thermostat; Blower Motor; Hot Water Valve; Engine Oil Cooler; Cooler Lines and Fittings.

Seals and Gaskets are included in the above stated Coverage only for vehicles with less than 80,000 miles at the time of sale, unless applicable surcharge is paid and marked on Your registration page.