Gold Protection

All Internal parts contained within the Steering Box; Rack and Pinion Gear; Power Steering Pump; Power Steering Hoses; Steering Knuckles; Pitman Arm; Idler Arm; Tie Rod Ends and Drag Link; Steering Dampner; Upper and Lower Steering Column Shafts and Couplings including Internal Tilt-Wheel Mechanism; Steering Box and Rack and Pinion Gear Housings; Power Steering Assist Cylinder; Power Steering Pump Cooler; Twin “I” Beam & Bushings; and Steering Travel Stop. Rear Wheel Steering: Rear Steering Shaft and Couplings; Power Cylinder and Pump; Electronic Control Unit/Solenoid; Phase Control Unit; Stepper Motor; Steering Box; Control Valve; Rack; and Tie Rod Ends.

Cylinder; Power Brake Cylinder; Vacuum/Hydro Assist Booster; Disc Brake Caliper; Wheel Cylinders; Compensating valve; Brake Hydraulic Lines and Fittings: Hydraulic Control Unit; Hydraulic Trailer Brake Assembly and Components. The following ABS Parts are also covered: Electronic Control Processor; Wheel Speed Sensors; Hydraulic Pump/Motor Assembly; Pressure Modulator Calve/Isolation Dump Valve; and Accumulator.

Alternator; Voltage Regulator; Starter Motor; Starter Solenoid and Starter Drive; Engine Compartment Wiring Harness: Computerized Timing Control Unit; Electronic Ignition Module; Crank Angle Sensor; Knock Sensor; Ignition Switch; Ignition Switch Lock Cylinder; Front and Rear Window Wiper Motor, Washer Pump and Switch; Stop Lamp Switch; Headlamp Switch; Turn Signal Switch; Heater/A.C. Blower Speed Switch; Manual Heater/A.C. Control Head; Horns; Trailer Brake Wiring Harness; Auxillary Power Supply; an O-2 Sensors.

Air Conditioner
Condenser; Compressor, Compressor Clutch and Pulley; Air Conditioning Lines and Hoses; Evaporator; Idler Pulley and Idler Pulley Bearing; High/Low Compressor Cut-off Switch; Expansion valve; and Pressure Cycling Switch. The following parts are also covered if they are required in connection with the repair of a covered part listed above and only if they have failed: Accumulator/Receiver Dryer; Orifice Tube; Oil and Refrigerant.

Seals and Gaskets are included in the above stated Coverage only for vehicles with less than 80,000 miles at the time of sale, unless applicable surcharge is paid and marked on Your registration page.